Instructional Camp

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Welcome to our Spartan Instructional camp webpage.  Our camp is a non-competitve instructional/game session that encourages sportsmanship, participation and great character. Furthermore this family of schools program is one which will make your son / daughter feel welcome and safe in our  school community that they will eventually graduate to and become an integral part of. 

Typical Hour Session 

1. Campers that arrive early are greeted by our awesome staff with a basketball to shoot until the session starts.

2. First half hour is the instructional sessoin where our enthusiastic student coaches help campers develop critical basic skills of the game

3. Last half hour the campers play a full court game where all campers are given equal time.  This is a non-competitive game where the score shown or even considered.   


Please click on link to fill out CKSS Registration Form  or see the 2. CKSS Registration Form  and drop off at the office to Coach Gerry Moynagh our business manager


Any questions please call Coach Gerry 905.878.0575 or email him at

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