On-line Quizzes

To access online quizzes do the following: 

1. Type in website http://hal10.thompsonbooks.com to go to Welcome Screen 

Welcome Screen

2. To login type:

      i. username

      ii. password (given to you in class) 

      iii. answer math question 

      iv. click login button 

Login Screen

3. To find quizzes for each unit (1- 8)

      i. click on unit # in side bar 

      ii. click on quiz 

MC unit 1

4. For each unit do the lesson quizzes and if you wish redo quiz to upgrade mark please feel free to do so by clcicking on the "try again" button

Multiple Choice Screen

5. Now Email your quiz to teacher 

      i. click on "click here"

      ii. fill in form and click "send email now"

          a. Teacher's email: houldcroftk@hdsb.ca

          b. Teacher's name ; Mr Houldcroft

          c. School: CKSS 

          d. your name 

          e. your email 

Fill in SCreen

6. Repeat same protocol for all other quizzes 

Good Luck and don't forget to email your quiz results 


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